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pic-krug-pharmsynthez-1 Pharmsynthez PJSC

Pharmsynthez PJSC comprises the research and production facility.

(RPF CC) and is a small to medium capacity modern pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in manufacture of science-intensive substances, chemicals and officinal medicines conforming to GOST R 52249-2004 on pharmaceuticals manufacture and quality control (Pharmaceuticals Good Manufacturing Practices regulations).

Pharmsynthez pharmaceutical company was founded in 1996, and in 2001 the research and production facility came into operation. The company became a powerful and ambitious unit for officinal and generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) research, manufacture and distribution.

In our two fully equipped production lines we are prepared to accomplish the most complex projects connected with manufacture and purification of API, chemical raw materials and fine organic synthesis products for our clients. An up-to-date research base enables the production facility to successfully implement innovative production methods and carry out investigations of new chemicals.

As of today, Pharmsynthez company employs eight PhDs and seventy university degree holders. The company furnishes its employees with facilities for continuous proficiency level upgrade and training and ensures that each employee’s potential is realized in full.
The company is actively pursuing its goal of getting enterprise quality management system GOST R ISO 9001-2001-certified and attested for conformity with EU GMP.
We are supplying to the market a number of officinal medicines (Neovir®, Segidrin®, Fenasid® and Penkrofton®) used in oncology, gynecology, treatment of immunodeficiencies and tuberculosis.

Pharmaceuticals manufactured by the company implementing state-of-the-art technologies and exclusive know-how are highly marketable in Russia and exported to CIS countries. Pharmsynthez Company aims at expanding its export geography far beyond ex-Soviet countries.

Now that innovation synthesized preparations are increasing their share on the pharmaceutical market, RPF CC offers custom API synthesis and carries out chemical research, develops chemical technologies and provides quality control services to its clients.

To this effect the new model poly-functional facility of RPF Pharmsynthez built jointly with German engineering companies introduced a full production cycle ensuring high quality standards and conformity with GMP international requirements.

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